Middle School

We offer three full-year courses for grades five to eight, ages ten to fourteen. America the Beautiful covers American history and geography. From Adam to Us explores people, places, and events from Creation to the present and all around the world. Uncle Sam and You introduces children to American government and civics.

While these courses are designed for children in grades five to eight, younger children can listen to the lessons and participate in the family activities. The authors, Ray and Charlene Notgrass, are veteran homeschooling parents with many years of experience in teaching and developing curriculum.

Remember that God gave you your children and your daily responsibilities. A homeschooling mother who has one child can complete more activities than a homeschooling mother who has seven children and an elderly grandparent living in her home. God will use the efforts of both of these mothers. God does not expect you to do more than you can do.

Be kind to yourself. He knows exactly what you and your children need this year. Remember that out of all the parents in the world to whom He could have given your children, He chose you. He is the one who put your family together. He knows what He is doing. Relax and trust in His choice. God created you. He created your children. Relax and remember that this is the day that the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!

What We Offer

We designed our middle school courses so that you can do them in any order. If you are starting with our curriculum in 5th grade, this is our suggested sequence:

America the Beautiful

From Adam to Us

Uncle Sam and You

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want more information about using Notgrass History in grades five through eight, we have answers to frequently asked questions here:

Middle School FAQ