From Adam to Us (2016)

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In 2015, we released a digital version of From Adam to Us in installments.

The complete print version of the curriculum was released in 2016. 

Printables and Links

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Unit 5 - Family Activity

Here is a PDF file with cards to print for the Carthaginian Traders Game.

Game Cards

Unit 7 - Family Activity

Here is the script for the "Aesop Has the Fox to Tea" play.


Unit 8 - Family Activity

Here is an image you can use to create your Spices of the World Map


Unit 16 - Family Activity

Here are the printable pages for the Mansa Musa's Caravan activity.

Caravan Pages

Unit 22 - Family Activity

Here are the cards you can print out for Let's Go to London game.

Game Cards

Unit 25 - Family Activity

Here is a link to a collection of stories by Hans Christian Andersen.

Hans Christian Anderson Tales

Unit 26 - Family Activity

Here is a printable image for the Eiffel Tower Collage.

Eiffel Tower

Unit 27 - Family Activity

Here are game cards and blank slips for the Should Have Called It Game.

Game Cards


Unit 6 - Lesson 27

The Student Workbook page for Lesson 27 has an error. Clue #8 should read "Josiah died after being wounded in battle against an Egyptian army that later fought here."

Unit 13 - Lesson 64

The Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque is not the tallest pyramid in Central America (pages 427-428). The Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico is the tallest standing pyramid in Central America.

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