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Will Notgrass be at my homeschool convention or curriculum fair?

We would love to meet you at a homeschool convention, conference, curriculum fair, or other event! Below is a map showing where we are going to be over the next several months.

If you see "Notgrass - Full Exhibit" on an event description, you can expect to see the full line of Notgrass History curriculum and talk to Notgrass representatives in person. If you see "Notgrass - Table Display," that means we will not have a representative at the event, but you will be able to browse through Notgrass curriculum samples and call us with questions. If you see "Notgrass - Presentation," that indicates a special presentation by a Notgrass representative and a display of Notgrass History resources.

On other event descriptions, you will see the name of one or more independent distributors. These companies will have Notgrass curriculum available to browse at their booths, and they will be able to talk to you about how it works.

List of Events

Map of Events

Notgrass History exhibits at a variety of homeschool conferences around the country. Some of them are connected with larger networks of events; some are independent. Our goal is to connect with and serve homeschooling families. We appreciate all the conference organizers who work hard to put on great events.

More Homeschool Events

If you cannot find Notgrass curriculum at your local conference, please check our list of stores that carry our materials. You can always order directly from our website, too. We offer free shipping on orders over $50 and a full money-back guarantee on all of our products.

Find a Store

We also are looking for people to host live events in certain parts of the country. We have a limited number of times available for virtual events, too. Click a button for more information.

Host a Live Event Host a Virtual Event

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