Where can I connect with other Notgrass History users?

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Daily Encouragement Moms' Community

This community is hosted by Charlene Notgrass. You can read her daily blog posts Monday through Friday and connect with other moms to share your joys and challenges.

DE Moms' Community

Homeschool Speak

This community was created by other homeschooling parents. Notgrass History has a special section where you can connect with us and other Notgrass users. You'll also find discussions about a wide variety of topics from getting started to finishing high school.

Homeschool Speak

Facebook Groups

Several Facebook Groups provide opportunities for interaction with other Notgrass History users. You can share ideas and ask questions about how to get the most out of our curriculum. A Facebook account is required to join any of the groups. We participate in all of these groups, but we are not responsible for the content posted by others.

Hosted by Notgrass History

Homeschool History

Notgrass History for Elementary (Grades 1-4)

America the Beautiful (Notgrass)

From Adam to Us (Notgrass)

Uncle Sam and You (Notgrass)

Notgrass Curriculum Users

Hosted by Others

Notgrass Adam, ATB and Uncle Sam & You Discussion

Notgrass High School Curriculum discussion