Questions about Our Star-Spangled Story

What consumable books do I need if I have more than one child?

Our Star-Spangled Story only has one consumable book, the Student Workbook. One copy comes in the Curriculum Package. You can order additional copies from our website.

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What subjects does this curriculum cover?

Our Star-Spangled Story covers history, literature, and music. The history includes reading lessons and doing hands-on activities. The literature includes reading poetry and chapter books. The music includes listening to and learning songs and learning traditional dances and singing games.

Does Our Star-Spangled Story require a lot of writing?

We designed this curriculum knowing that many young students are still working on their writing skills. We give opportunities for students to practice writing if it's helpful, but your child does not have to write much at all if it's a struggle.

You can discuss the review questions in the lessons orally or have your child write short answers. In the Student Workbook, once a week we give the option for your student to draw a picture or write a short paragraph. Once a week there is a coloring page. And once a week there is a review page. Some of these are matching, and others ask the student to write the correct answers from a word bank.

How is Our Star-Spangled Story different from America the Beautiful? Will using them both be too repetitive?

We deliberately chose to focus on different aspects of American history in Our Star-Spangled Story. For the younger children, we focus even more on how individual people and families were part of the bigger events going on around them.

For example, in America the Beautiful, students learn more details about the War of 1812, while in Our Star-Spangled Story, students learn about the woman who sewed the flag that inspired the national anthem.

Both courses move chronologically through American history.  Our Star-Spangled Story spends four weeks on the exploration and colonial periods, while America the Beautiful spends five. So, from the American Revolution on, Our Star-Spangled Story is roughly one week ahead of America the Beautiful when you compare unit numbers.

I have students in 2nd, 3rd, and 6th grades. Can I use Our Star-Spangled Story with older students?

The lessons, CD, and literature in Our Star-Spangled Story provide great learning opportunities for all ages. However, the writing style, review material, and workbook are definitely geared toward students in early elementary (1st-4th grade). Older students may not feel challenged and may want more detail. America the Beautiful is designed so that middle school students (5th-8th grade) can use it independently. Ultimately, we trust you to choose the resources that work best for your family!

Why is Katy assigned in both Our Star-Spangled Story and America the Beautiful?

We plan eventually to use  Katy's Box instead of Katy in America the Beautiful. We decided to go ahead and assign Katy in Our Star-Spangled Story since it goes before Katy's Box.

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