Frequently Asked Questions

Does the order of the high school courses matter?

Exploring World History, Exploring America, and Exploring World Geography are each one-year courses. Exploring Government and Exploring Economics are each half-year courses. Taken together these four years of study give an excellent survey of the … read more

Does the order of the middle school courses matter?

You do not have to do our courses in a particular order. Each course can be done during any year between fifth and eighth grade. Each course is designed so that you can complete it in one school year. America the Beautiful From Adam to Us … read more

Do you offer discounts or have sales?

Notgrass curriculum is available at the same price from curriculum distributors around the country, both big and small. We want our curriculum to be accessible to all kinds of families. When we launch a new curriculum, we usually make a pre-order … read more

How do I grade the writing assignments?

Teaching writing skills can sometimes feel more like an art than a science. We know good writing when we read it, but trying to explain why we like it is like trying to explain why we like a particular flavor of ice cream. Good writing engages the … read more