Exploring America Curriculum Package

Exploring America Parts 1 and 2, American Voices, Guide for Parents
Age Level:
High School
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Product Overview

Exploring America by Ray Notgrass is an American history high school curriculum. It provides one full-year of credit in American history, English (literature and composition), and Bible.

The Curriculum Package includes: 

  • Part 1: Columbus Through Reconstruction (first semester)
  • Part 2: Late 1800s to the Present (second semester)
  • American Voices: Original Documents, Speeches, Poems, Stories, and Hymns from American History (assigned readings)
  • Guide for Parents 

This package does not include any review or test material or the recommended literature, so you may want the Student Review Pack and the Literature Package.

Part 1 Sample Pages

Part 2 Sample Pages

American Voices Sample Pages

Guide for Parents


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