One Step DVD

A Story About Polio in 1951
Performed By:
Homeschool Dramatic Society
Running Time:
81 minutes
All Ages

Product Overview

It's 1951 and polio has struck the town of Cartersville. Sally Parker, Josephine Welch, and other victims face days filled with fear and struggle. At the far-away rehabilitation center they find hope that maybe life will return to normal. Each polio survivor has a different story, but together they climb the steep mountain of recovery. Slowly, some learn how to walk again. Others, however, must learn to run, skip, and dance in their hearts, without ever taking another step. They learn that no matter how rough the mountain before them looks, with God’s help they will reach the top—one step at a time. This play was performed by the Homeschool Dramatic Society in Cookeville, Tennessee, in 2010.

One Step Cast

Writer and Director: Mary Evelyn Notgrass
Video Editor: Daniel Poore

All ages. DVD in standard case. 81 minutes.