One Soldier's Story DVD

World War II experiences of Wesley Biddle Notgrass
Performed By:
John Notgrass
Running Time:
49 minutes plus bonus features
All Ages

Product Overview

Millions of young Americans went off to war in the 1940s. Wesley Biddle Notgrass (1915-2007) was one of them. Born and reared in Columbia, Tennessee, Wesley served in the U.S. Army for four years, one month, and seven days in the United States, England, France, Belgium, and Germany.

In this dramatic presentation, Wesley's grandson John Notgrass tells Wesley's story wearing his uniform and using his photographs. Based on written accounts from Wesley's childhood and adulthood as well as oral accounts told to his family, this is the story of one man who sought to do his duty toward his God and his country.

Bonus features include John's original songs He Did His Duty, a tribute to his grandfather, and Seasons. Also included are a trailer for John's first-person history programs and the Yellow Star trailer.

All ages. DVD in standard case. 49 minutes plus bonus features.

Feedback from Live Audiences

"It was almost like a time machine. John Notgrass transported the students back into another time period. Dressed in uniform (his grandfather's), John took students back into the youth of his grandfather and then carried them forward into WWII. The students were enthralled with his rendition of stories gleaned from the personal experiences of John's grandfather, what a treasure trove of history which John aptly shared with the classes! He fully put himself into the part and relived events, both sad and hilarious. I can barely wait for John's next presentation." (Tennessee)

"Great history lesson told in a captivating story form." (North Carolina)

"We were all touched by the sharing [of] your grandfather's life during WWII. Your love for history is apparent in the way you share." (Tennessee)

"I am ten and don't normally like people talking but I liked this." (North Carolina)