Using Draw to Learn

Draw to Learn Art and Bible CurriculumDraw to Learn is a homeschool art curriculum and Bible study series. It helps children internalize truths from God's Word while giving them guidance in drawing a wide variety of pictures. Each lesson has three vital steps:


The student reads a passage from his own Bible, thinks about the meaning, and then draws a picture related to the passage. This simple approach helps children grow in their faith and understanding of Scripture, and at the same time they use and develop their art skills. Draw to Learn has no upper age limit, because anyone (even an adult) can complete it at his own skill level.

Each Draw to Learn volume has 150 lessons. Your child can complete one drawing per day and finish the program in one school year, or you can go at your own pace and stretch the program over two or more years. Each volume has a helpful introduction.

When you purchase a digital download of Draw to Learn, you get a PDF ebook. You may then print any or all pages as often as needed for the exclusive use of your household.

Learn to Draw is a resource that teaches basic drawing techniques also available as a digital download.


What Parents Are Saying

Wonderfully Relaxing

"We are all enjoying the process of reading and drawing together and it is fun to see the different style and skill of each boy. I myself am drawing too and I find it a wonderfully relaxing time in the midst of busy days." (Pennsylvania)

Eager to Show Their Books

"Our children, ages 13, 11, and 8, are having a wonderful time with these books. They take their time to produce their very best drawings and are always looking back to enjoy what they've accomplished. They are always eager to show their books to company. Draw to Learn has been valuable to help them think about God's Word and express their creativity as well. Thank you for a fantastic product!" (New York)

They Are Better Drawers

"I have my kids use them every morning. They spend a little time every day with the Word, and they are better drawers!" (Washington)

We All Learn from This One

"I read the psalm aloud and five of my children, ages 6-16, draw while I read. (My 2- and 4-year-olds sit in also, but they just draw on scrap paper.) As they continue drawing, I discuss each verse of the psalm with them. There are very few homeschooling activities that are useful to children of such different ages, but we all learn from this one!" (Tennessee)

Made Things Go So Much Smoother

"Starting our day with Draw to Learn has made things go so much smoother. The kids don't care how much time they spend on it. It's fun!" (Indiana)

Wonderful Resource for Devotions

"Draw to Learn is a wonderful resource for devotions, especially for children, but I believe it is good for any age. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not these are an excellent way to study the Word of God from a different perspective." (Lori S., Special Connection Homeschool)

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