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Notgrass History curriculum uses narrative lessons, primary source documents, historical novels and biographies, and hands-on activities to create engaging learning experiences for homeschooling families like yours.

These links provide detailed information about how our curriculum works. You can watch videos, browse sample pages, and see how the curriculum components fit together.

High School

Textbooks generally provide context and comprehensiveness. Unit studies generally provide depth and richness. In our courses, we attempt to bridge the gap between these two approaches by giving you tools that help you teach the heart, soul, and mind of your student. Our curriculum is easy for parents, requiring little planning or preparation. Our curriculum is rewarding for students, helping them learn to analyze the present by understanding the past.

"My 9th grade daughter is taking your World History course and, I have to tell you, this is the most enjoyable school year she has ever had! She thanks me all the time. My daughter was always an excellent student, but never enjoyed reading of any kind. Now, she can't wait to get to her history lesson and read what is in the text for that day. As well, for the first time in her life, she is enjoying reading literature. The key for her was to get her into a curriculum that presented the subject from a wholly Christian perspective." (Georgia)

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Middle School

Our middle school courses provide a rich, interactive experience for children with a variety of learning styles. Each curriculum includes complete daily instructions for how to use the course. You can choose which suggested activities are best for each child. While these courses are designed for children in grades 5-8, younger children can listen to the lessons and participate in the family activities.

"The layout is attractive. The worksheets are informative and fun to do. The added Bible and Literature assignments help fill in my child's other homeschool requirements. It's easy to read and my child can work independently. I've been homeschooling for 16 years and no matter what curriculum I purchase, in whatever subject, I am ultimately disappointed in some area. I can say that for the first time in my homeschooling career I have found curriculum that has exceeded my expectations and a curriculum that my kids love." (Pennsylvania)

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Other Resources

In addition to our courses designed specifically for high school and middle school students, we offer a variety of art resources, unit studies, historical DVDs, and a record-keeping book for all ages.

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