Exploring World Geography

Exploring World Geography Curriculum Package

Comming Summer 2020

This one-year high school course describes and explains the world we live in. It is a study of human geography, which deals with mankind's interaction with the world.

Human geography asks two main questions: How has the physical world made a difference in what people have done and how they have lived? How have people made a difference in the physical world?

Journalist and geography writer Robert Kaplan says that geography is the backdrop to human history. Geography is where we live, and it impacts how we live. We are all affected by geography. Some people deny this. They say that geography is only incidental to human interaction.

Try telling that to an American soldier who has fought on the desert mountains of Afghanistan. Explain how cotton became king in the pre-Civil War South without referring to geography. Describe how New York City became an international trade and immigration center without referring to its geographic location. Understand the modern Middle East without referring to oil or the presence of Israel.


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