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What are the differences between America the Beautiful and Exploring America?

Our two U.S. history curricula (America the Beautiful for grades five through eight and Exploring America for high school) complement one another. There are similarities because they both cover American history. However, they are geared to two different audiences and have different themes and emphases.

America the Beautiful tells the story of the United States through lessons that survey a particular time period and lessons that focus on natural wonders, landmarks, individual Americans, and daily life for various groups. It supplements the lessons with map and timeline activities, simple Bible study, vocabulary, and creative writing assignments. The curriculum also assigns short primary source readings (in We the People) and literature appropriate for the intended age range.

Exploring America is a more rigorous course designed specifically for high school students. The lesson text, photographs and illustrations, original source readings, literature, writing assignments, hands-on projects, review questions, quizzes and tests, and literary analysis were developed specifically with the high school student in mind. Exploring America includes thoughtful analysis of the themes, movements, and events of history as well as in-depth Bible studies designed to help the student learn to think with a Christian worldview about the topics he or she is learning.

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