Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Teacher's Edition or lesson plan?

Our courses are designed to be easy for parents and students to use. An introduction at the front of the book explains how the material is laid out, and all assignments are included right in the text. Each unit introduction features a summary of the … read more

How do I play an MP3 CD?

An MP3 CD can store many more music or spoken word audio tracks than a standard audio CD. However, some traditional CD players cannot play MP3 CDs. Computers can read MP3 CDs. You can also use a computer to transfer the MP3 files to a phone … read more

Can I see samples of your curriculum online?

You can download the complete table of contents and sample units from all of our curriculum. Elementary Our Star-Spangled Story Our 50 States Middle School America the Beautiful From Adam to Us Uncle Sam and You High School … read more