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How do I access my digital audio files or PDF downloads?

When you purchase a digital product from Notgrass History, you have access to the download on our website. In the email confirmation you receive about your order, you will see a link to "Download Files" next to the name of the digital product you purchased. Click that link in your email to see one or more file download links for each product on our website.

PDF Downloads

For digital versions of print books, you will see a PDF file. Your computer or mobile device probably already has a PDF reader installed. If not, you can install the free Acrobat Reader program from Adobe.

Download Reader

Audio/MP3 Downloads

If you purchased an audio supplement, you will see ZIP files, each of which contains several MP3 files. Once you download the ZIP file, you will need to unzip it by expanding or extracting the files.

How to Open a ZIP File

If you have trouble, here's a quick video demonstration:

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