Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use your curriculum?

Check out our Quick Start Guides. They show you how to get started right away. Notgrass History is easy for parents and enjoyable for students!Quick Start Guides … read more

Course Description for Our Star-Spangled Story

Course: U.S. History Text: Our Star-Spangled Story by Charlene Notgrass, Bethany Poore, and Mary Evelyn McCurdy Description: Our Star-Spangled Story guides students on a journey through U.S. history, from the native peoples and e … read more

How long should the writing assignments be?

For our high school courses, two to three pages of typed, double-spaced text (500-750 words) is a good target for most of the writing assignments. The primary goal is for your child to practice putting his thoughts together in an organized, effective … read more

Do you have a Teacher's Edition or lesson plan?

Our courses are designed to be easy for parents and students to use. An introduction at the front of the book explains how the material is laid out, and all assignments are included right in the text. Each unit introduction features a summary of the … read more