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The first edition of Exploring America was published in 2002. It had a plastic coil binding and used three supplemental document books (World's Great Speeches, Documentary History of the United States, and 101 Great American Poems). The Quiz & Exam Book for the first edition is available for purchase as a digital download.

For the 2007 edition, we reformatted the entire curriculum with some modifications to the table of contents and published it in a paperback binding. We created our own one-volume book of speeches, documents, poetry, and short stories called American Voices. The Quiz & Exam Pack for the second edition is available for purchase as a digital download. You can download the Guide for Parents and Teachers at no charge.

  • Lesson 151: 2008-2009: The Election and the Economy

    This lesson is a special addition to the 2007 edition of Exploring America. There are no questions in the Quiz and Exam Book, no activities related to it, and no quiz that includes it. It is simply a way to extend the curriculum package to include more recent events.

The current edition of Exploring America was released in 2014. It covers essentially the same material as the second edition with some changes to Unit 30 to cover events up to the date of publication. It has a completely new page layout with full-color photographs and illustrations and a hardcover binding. We modified the literature list, dropping Little Women and Christy and adding Miracle in the Hills. The new Student Review Pack, which replaces the former Quiz & Exam Pack, also includes literary analysis.


Corrections for the 2014 Edition

  • Unit 6 Quiz Answers
    • The page numbers for the first three answers in the Answer Key are incorrect. Here are the corrected answers and page numbers: 1. N (146-148); 2. H (142); 3. O (149-150)

  • Bible Assignment for Lesson 36
    • The Bible Assignment at the end of Lesson 36 was vague. Here is an updated assignment: The Bible study lesson this week looks at religious activity in America in the first half of the 1800s. One feature of this activity was the rise of several movements or groups that claimed to have a deeper insight into truth than what traditional Christianity offered. Read Colossians 2:16-23. List three things outside of Christ that people mistake for true spiritual fulfillment.

  • History Exam for Units 16-20
    • The answers for questions #6 and #7 should be switched. #6 should be Populism and #7 should be Progressivism.


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